Services and repair

At Traynor Glass Co. Inc, we help customers with all kinds of situations. Take, for example, one of our client called us for help. His son, a rather new driver, accidentally hit the garage door. Even though no one was hurt in the accident, the door was in pieces. We told him we would come and inspect the damage right away. We were able to secure the door to keep everyone safe, order new door panels and complete the repairs.

Service Call

Our experts can resolve all kinds of garage door problems. From snapped cables, to unbalanced doors, to damage caused by an accident, we can fix it quickly and professionally. We also work on all types of garage doors. If your door is used for residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural purposes, our experts know how to repair it correctly. In business in Hampstead, NH since 1978, our experts have gained the experience and skill that assures top-quality work. And thanks to our fully-stocked service trucks, we can often complete the work in just one visit.

Our experts can:

  • Carry out emergency repair services

    If your garage door suddenly won’t work properly, it’s time to call for emergency repair services. At Traynor Glass Co. Inc, our experts can quickly come to your location to assess the situation. We will get your garage door working again, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

  • Restore cables, rollers and springs

    One of the most common issues with garage door systems is worn or broken cables, rollers and springs. As some of these parts are under great tension, it’s important to replace them as soon as they show signs of wear. Our experts can often address these issues immediately, making your garage door safe to use again.

  • Quiet noisy garage doors

    As part of your garage door system’s regular maintenance, we recommend lubricating the door’s hinges, rollers and springs. This often stops those annoying noises. At Traynor Glass Co. Inc, our experts work on all garage door brands. Book your service call today by calling 603-329-6668 or using our new online form.

  • Fix garage door openers

    A garage door system isn’t complete without a good automatic door opener. If your existing garage door opener isn’t working as smoothly as it once was, we can fix it. We work on all garage door openers, including chain-drive and belt-drive systems. We can replace broken photoelectric sensors, test your auto-reverse system and realign your garage door. We’ll do what it takes to get your automatic opener working correctly and safely.

Not sure how to maintain your garage door system? Trust the experts at Traynor Glass Co. Inc to get the job done right. We recommend having an annual preventive maintenance done to keep your garage door working smoothly. Regular inspections and maintenance work can avoid costly problems later on. Our experts can do it all, from installations to repairs to regular maintenance. They are trained to complete all garage door repairs in a safe manner. Stop worrying about your garage door! Call us today and we’ll have your door working like new again in no time.

For all of your garage door needs, call the experts at Traynor Glass Co. Inc. We can be reached at 603-329-6668 or with our online appointment form. We will gladly arrange the best repair service or preventive maintenance program for your situation.

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